Waste to energy group

The activities of the research team focuses on the issue of energy recovery from waste in the broader context of waste management.
Using unique computational tools the team are capable of complex analyses based on statistical or operational data. Based on these analyses, specific models of the current status are compiled and predictions of future developments in the field are made (amount and composition of waste, optimal logistics of collection, efficient and environmentally-friendly utilization etc.).
Thanks to this work, relevant research results are provided to private and public companies operating in the field of waste management or energy, as evidenced by the recently successfully completed projects
Results are also shared with other public bodies. Historically, researchers have become the investigators and co-investigators of several projects for the Ministry of Environment and Ministry of Industry and Trade.
Details of projects and their full text are available here, and can be obtained on request.
The research team is able to formulate solid recommendations that will lead to the optimization of partial recycling processes and energy production so that waste management can be effective, economical and with minimum environmental impact. The issue of waste management is particularly important as the Czech Republic will have several years to switch to more efficient forms of waste recovery, rather than the landfilling which is dominant today.

Excellent results were achieved mainly due to research development and subsequent use of unique computational tools:
W2E (Waste-to-Energy) – a tool for modelling and simulation of technological processes
NERUDA Regio – a comprehensive tool used to support key decisions in waste management based on the application of network optimization tasks
NERUDA Street – software for evaluating the effectiveness and optimization of waste collection at the level of individual streets
JUSTYNA – a tool for predicting waste production and its partial mass flow, respectively. composition on various details of territorial units (CR, regions, municipalities)

The lead researcher regularly participates as a lecturer of international and national conferences on issues of Waste-to-Energy.

Contact person
prof. Ing. Petr Stehlik, PhD., Dr. h. c.
Director of the Institute

Ing. Martin Pavlas, Ph.D.
coordinator of the research team

Research is undertaken at the Institute of Process Engineering

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