Vehicle and Powertrain Technology Group

Scientific research groups respond to the current and anticipated future needs of the automotive industry in the Czech Republic and the European Union.

The scientific research activity of the group is focused on computational simulation and technical experiments with a significant impact on the application of the results in the structures of vehicles. Major areas of research include the vibration and noise of motor vehicles, powertrains and subcomponents, components, powertrain tribology, the life of vehicle components, vehicle electronics, rapid prototyping and reverse engineering, structural design and construction and transport machinery.

Team of powertrain tribology, noise and vibration

The scientific research activity of the group is focused on tribology components of internal combustion engines (pistons, piston rings, bearings, chains, belts, gears etc.), the vibration and noise of vehicles containing the powertrains (combustion engines, gearboxes, pumps, compressors, etc.) or on the issue of the life of powertrain components. The team uses unique technical equipment such as a fully anechoic chamber with an active brake habitat, accompanied by air ventilation system. Also available is the equipment for vibration analysis and noise such as an acoustic camera, field of sound intensity sensors, laser vibrometers and vibration sensors. The Group actively cooperates with industrial companies, whether in terms of Zetor Tractors, Skoda Auto, HONEYWELL, FEV, Ricardo BUZULUK and others, as well as with research institutes and universities in the Czech Republic (Czech Technical University in Prague, Technical University in Liberec, Technical University of Ostrava, University of defense and others) and abroad (RWTH Aachen, ROME TRE, TU Graz and others). The research results are applied through the final products of industrial firms or within the software.

Team of vehicle drivetrain mechatronics

The scientific research activity of the group is focused on solving the problems of the drivetrain dynamics using electronic elements which allow the active control of torque. For these purposes it includes both computational tools, and a corresponding experimental technique such as laser vibrometers for contactless sensing of rotating objects. There is also a wide variety of testing conditions for braking and driving mechanisms in cars or trucks. The equipment also includes a rolling test bench prepared for vehicles with two drive axles. The team is actively working with industrial companies, including Skoda Auto, TATRA TRUCKS, Visteon-Autopal and more.

Team of vehicle dynamics and comfort

Research activities focus on the challenges of the thermal and vibrational comfort of passenger vehicles, design and verification of the structural variants of parts of the undercarriage of vehicles, active steering vehicles using electronic systems and aerodynamic vehicles. The team works closely with leading car manufacturers in the EU, such as Skoda Auto and Volkswagen, and achieves the application of results in practice.

Formula Student

The Formula Student project allows university students in the TU Brno Racing Team to use their skills and creativity in the design and construction of single-seater racing cars, as well as in the operation of the racing team and its marketing, including participation in selected international competitions.
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Research is carried out at the Institute of Automotive Enginnering

Contact person

doc. Ing. Pavel Novotný, Ph.D.

Key facilities

Climate chamber

Climatic chamber used for testing of complete cars or only cabs of vehicles


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Automotive Engineering

Automotive engineering stands at the forefront of research and development activities at


Key facilities

Special electric machinery

The research group dedicated to special electric machinery is led by doc.


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