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Tribology research is led by prof. Ing. Ivan Krupka, Ph.D., an internationally recognized expert in the field of tribology.

Intense, long-term work led to the formulation of a new way of measuring ultrathin lubricating films, using interferometry methods.

A team of researchers was divided into three groups in 2011, which reflect the research trends and requirements of the industry:

The Elastohydrodynamic lubrication group continues to deal with lubricating film, measuring its thickness and temperature, friction and wear measurements, and simulations of operating conditions of the lubricated contact and how it affects the film. The research covers various types and shapes of contact surfaces.

Thanks to a long tradition of research, this group cooperates with many industrial companies, such as Inna Schaeffler (DE), Koyo Bearings, and Daido Metal Czech.

The Biotribology group focuses exclusively on research in the field of artificial joint replacements. In the context of the development of medicine, this subject is highly appealing. Research results may help design and produce modern joint replacements that meet all requirements of safety, durability, longevity and overall functionality.

The Biotribology group is in long-term cooperation with the University Hospital Olomouc.

Rail Transport Group is focused particularly on the interaction between wheel and rail in the field of rail transport. The application of suitable friction modifiers can reduce noise emissions, while optimizing the sanding process and reducing dust. Research can contribute significantly to enhancing the operation of rolling stock, thereby ensuring efficient and environmentally friendly rail transport.

The team has worked with the company TriboTec, a supplier of lubrication and sanding systems.

The results of all research groups are published in prestigious journals (Tribology Transactions, Journal of Biomedical Materials Research, Tribology International, etc.).

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prof. Ing. Ivan Krupka, Ph.D

Tribology research takes place at the Institute of Machine and Industrial Design.


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