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The project, established at the NETME Centre (Faculty of Mechanical Engineering at the Brno University of Technology), is guided by an international research team, supervised by Professor Jiri Klemes. The SPIL project has been drafted and developed at the NETME Centre and subsidized from the Operational Program Research, Development and Education. The project commenced on 1 February 2017, and will last five years. The project objective is to establish an international, competitive research facility, and to simultaneously provide both unique and practical knowledge which will promote an increase in efficiency of processes and power industries, in other words knowledge that will help minimize the so-called greenhouse, nitrogen, ecological and water footprints.

The SPIL Scientific Conference will be held in Brno on 6 and 7 December 2017. Read more information on the www.conferencespil.com.


Collaboration with universities:

SPIL research team

Jaromír Klemeš

Prof Dr Jiří Jaromír Klemeš, DSc, dr h c

Head of Sustainable Process Integration Laboratory



Asoc Prof Dr Petar Sabev Varbanov

Senior Researcher, Sustainable Process Integration Laboratory



Asoc Prof Dr Jiří Pospíšil

Senior Researcher, Sustainable Process Integration Laboratory



Dr Martin Pavlas

Senior Researcher, Sustainable Process Integration Laboratory


Tim Walmsley_small

Dr Timothy Gordon Walmsley

Researcher, Sustainable Process Integration Laboratory



Dr Lubomír Klimeš

Junior Researcher, Sustainable Process Integration Laboratory



Dr Vojtěch Turek

Junior Researcher, Sustainable Process Integration Laboratory



Dr Radovan Šomplák

Junior Researcher, Sustainable Process Integration Laboratory



Xuexiu Jia, MSc

Junior Researcher, Sustainable Process Integration Laboratory



Michal Špiláček, MSc

PhD student, Sustainable Process Integration Laboratory


Yee Van Fan_small

Yee Van Fan, M.Phil.

Junior Researcher, Sustainable Process Integration Laboratory



Xuechao WANG

Junior Researcher, Sustainable Process Integration Laboratory



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Press Release: An excellent international research team is to commence research at the NETME Centre