Special electric machinery

The research group dedicated to special electric machinery is led by doc. Ing. Čestmír Ondrůšek, CSc., widely renowned expert in power engineering, electric machines and drives. The focus of the group lies in special applications of electric machines and drives that require bespoke research and development approaches. The group deals with interdisciplinary research encompassing electromagnetism, thermodynamics, rigid body mechanics, power electronics and controls.

Among others, general competences of the group include:

  • Assessment of a target application and derivation of requirements on system and sub-system level
  • System level design of electric drives and machines
  • Analytical and numerical design of electric machines of various topologies and operational principles, such as radial-, axial- and transverse-flux machines in terms of layout and induction, synchronous (wound field, PM) as well as (brushless) DC machines in terms of operational principle
  • Optimization of various machine topologies following specified cost functions
  • Prototype design, build and preparation of test setup
  • Measurements of electric machinery, electric drives and power electronics including interpretation of end results in comprehensively, up-to-date equipped laboratories
  • Support of product development activities, including DFMEA, Design validation plan and report, reliability studies

The group covers a wide range of target applications and industrial segments. To name a few, the group researched and developed a range of variants of traction drives for automotive applications, including high-torque synchronous PM axial and radial flux machines as well as synchronous reluctance machines. Dedicated high-speed induction machines might be applied in challenging applications such as electrified turbochargers in the same sector.

Variants of synchronous generators have been researched for power engineering, including bespoke variable-speed PM axial flux generator for hydro turbines. More conventional applications are covered by optimization activities targeting radial wound-field generators.

Another area of activity for the group includes special industrial applications including high-speed pump drives dedicated for nuclear power plant environments.

The group is highly responsive to input and suggestions for cooperation provided by both industrial and academic partners.

Contact persons
doc. Ing. Čestmír Ondrůšek, CSc.

Ing. Erik Odvářka, Ph.D.

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