Professor Hayashi from Japan visits UMTMB

In the period from 4th to 30th October 2016 the Institute of Solid Mechanics, Mechatronics and Biomechanics (UMTMB) welcomed professor Kozaburo Hayashi, whose main place of employment was the Osaka University in Japan. Hayashi came to this working visit within the compaction of international relations, uttering lectures and consultations with the team lead by professor Jiří Burša, head of the Department of biomechanics and tissue numerical modeling in medicine.

Hayashi cooperates with Burša since 2003, when they began collaboration on modeling of mechanical tests on living cells. Their common results in this field were published in 2004 at a conference Engineering Mechanics in Svratka. Since then the cooperation in this area continues.

“We use some of his experiments to validate our computational model,” says Burša.

During his stay Hayashi gave a lecture about the mechanical properties of tendons and ligaments for students of biomechanics specialization in Engineering Mechanics and Biomechanics. For selected doctoral students and researchers also conducted an overview lecture on his lifelong scientific work in the field of biomechanics. Hayashi was familiarized with various themes tackled in the biomechanics of soft tissue group at UMTMB. Hayashi together with Burša attended the International Congress “Non-invasive methods in cardiology 2016” at the Masaryk University, where he delivered a lecture on non-invasive measurement of the stiffness of arteries. There were discussed new opportunities for cooperation with the organizers of the congress.

Hayashi with Ph.D. students and scientist from UMTMB.