The significance of growth and sustainability in a rapidly changing world has made it increasingly obvious that new challenges face the field of Mechanical Engineering that will inevitably change the industry once and for all.

The NETME Centre seeks to tackle these challenges with a multidisciplinary approach, supporting a wide range of research groups focused on three main areas – Aerospace Engineering, Automotive Engineering and Energy and Resources.

The strength of NETME is in integrating these groups to engage with the issues facing society and industry, now and in the future.

Research groups

Aerospace group

Research in the field of aerospace at the Faculty of Mechanical Engineering dates



Tribology research is led by prof. Ing. Ivan Krupka, Ph.D., an internationally recognized


Key facilities

(Czech) Průmysl 4.0

(Czech) Vývoj automatizace průmyslových procesů, který je v posledních letech akcelerován potenciálem informačních technologií a vysokorychlostních počítačů, se přibližně od roku 2010 označuje jako čtvrtá průmyslová revoluce neboli tzv. „Průmysl 4.0“. Kam směřuje výzkum v NETME Centre a na FSI v tomto dynamickém odvětví?


Laboratory of Energy Intensive Processes

The infrastructure of our Lab integrates several instalments of laundry equipment and


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