Heat and Processes group

The strength of the industrial processes research team is based on years of successful work of heat laboratory under the guidance of prof. Jaroslava Horský. The group is engaged in research and development activities focused on heat transfer, inverse problems and cooling, usually using air and water jets. Another area of research is concerned with the hydraulic descaler. The research team has experience with the determination of heat transfer boundary conditions for cooling hot surfaces with applications for continuous casting, hot rolling and heat treatment.

In recent years, the research team has made achievements in the field of research and development of polymeric heat exchangers with hollow fiber.
The low weight and high corrosion resistance of polypmeric hollow fibers, along with their low production costs, are ideal for the production of specific heat exchangers for various uses (particularly in automotive systems).
These compact units have variable use in industries such as industrial chemicals, biotechnology, automotive and more. Their low weight and compact design allow for easy transport and installation.

More about heat exchangers here

The research team has been participating in both national and international projects. Industrial projects are largely based on experimental research with subsequent use of the acquired knowledge into mathematical models of monitored processes.

Contact person
prof. Ing. Miroslav Raudenský, CSc.

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