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The ReMaP project presented at the A3PS conference

At this year’s A3PS (Austrian Association for Advanced Propulsion Systems) conference on sustainable mobility, the ReMaP project was presented in the form of a poster.

On November 18-19, 2021, the A3PS conference “Eco-Mobility 2021: Paths to Climate-Neutral Mobility – Sustainable Propulsion Concepts and Energy Carriers for Carbon-Neutral Future: Europe as Frontrunner” took place in Vienna.

At the conference, the ReMaP project was presented to the internationally important participants in a poster session. In addition to general information about the project, the project goal, and the allocation of the individual research fields among the respective partners, current results were also presented.

The consortium can look back on a successful second year of the project: in 2021, numerous magnesium-based alloy compositions with a focus on high specific strengths for structural components were created and successfully processed in WAM (Wire Additive Manufacturing). Better mechanical properties could be achieved than in casting processes.

In the past project year, for example, a Mg-Al-Ca-Mn alloy was presented that achieves a yield strength of over 190 MPa thanks to its fine network of Mg-Al-(Ca) phases and a high proportion of dissolved aluminum. The pore analyses carried out at the computed tomography laboratory of the Wels University of Applied Sciences confirmed the high quality of the manufactured components.

Furthermore, the production of specimens from materials for medical applications was started. The alloys are free of aluminum and are characterized by high ductility and corrosion resistance.

In addition to the alloy development, the improvement of the entire process chain of additive processing methods represents an essential project objective of ReMaP. Significant progress has been made here both in the wire manufacturing route and in powder production. In addition to a newly implemented coiler for wire production, the atomizer newly set up at the University of Brno for powder production from wires is particularly worthy of mention. With the help of these two components, it is now possible to provide powder from special materials with high quality for additive manufacturing.

In the next project year, the ongoing developments will be continued, focusing on the characterization of the manufactured samples and further investigations of powder-based additive manufacturing of magnesium.

You may chceck the poster here.

More about the project here.

interreg_Austria_Czech_Republic_EN_RGBThe project is co-financed by the CrossBorderCooperation Programme Interreg V-A AustriaCzech Repulic for the funding period 2014-2020.