Research of Magnesium Alloys for Additive Manufacturing of Structural and Biodegradable Parts (ReMaP)

interreg_Austria_Czech_Republic_EN_RGBThe project is focused on the research of new magnesium alloys (Mg) specifically modified for two additive production technologies (ALM) and their future use in the production of lightweight parts and bio-medical implants. The research of Mg alloys will be based on the current state of research in LKR, based on the successful development of new alloys for the automotive, aerospace medical market. These earlier projects did not involve ALM, but conventional casting and forming processes. It is, therefore, necessary to start with basic research in order to create the necessary knowledge base. For both intended applications, alloying elements for new alloys will be selected from the application, processing, and economic point of view (eg increased biocompatibility, reduced oxidation, low content of expensive elements). The newly developed alloys will achieve better parameters than the only currently known serial product available from US sources (showing very high costs and export restrictions to Europe).

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