The NETME Centre, in close cooperation with the Faculty of Mechanical Engineering, has a long tradition of dealing with commercial research projects.
The quality of industrial research at NETME is demonstrated by, among other things, the Centre receiving around 10 percent of the expenditure spent on contractual research in the entire higher education sector of the Czech Republic, which amounts to tens of millions of crowns annually.
There are a number of cooperation possibilities, from short-term measurements in the context of a contract to complex longer-term projects with co-financing opportunities.

We welcome the chance to discuss projects with all professionals.


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A typical form of cooperation between our research teams and an industrial partner is in the form of contractual research.

Commercial contractual research amounts to nearly 20% of the long-term research taking place at NETME. In addressing your projects, we can involve more than 500 engineering specialists largely of the Faculty of Mechanical Engineering in the Czech Republic, along with other professionals from other faculties. We offer maximum professionalism, an extensive knowledge base and cutting-edge equipment. NETME achieves excellent results not only within the Czech Republic but also abroad. Almost 40% of our contractual research comes directly from the parent companies in Germany, Japan, South Korea, UK and others.

With a comprehensive and interdisciplinary approach supported by the use of modern equipment we can solve even the most complex problems, saving you considerable money by shortening the time required to develop new products.


The NETME Centre welcomes and actively seeks international cooperation. The Centre usually assumes the role of coordinator or partner in framework programs. With regard to other forms of financing we play an important role with a commercially technical team, helping researchers to find suitable partners and identify appropriate grants.

We are happy to provide further information.


There are many ways to cooperate on a national level. The Faculty and the NETME Centre administers grants annually from the Technology Agency (TAČR), Czech Science Foundation (GACR) and various regional and national programs.