Aerospace group

Aircraft testing laboratory

The aircraft testing laboratory is involved in the following activities:

  • Conclusive verification tests of aircraft designs – the laboratory is authorized by the Civil Aviation Authority No. L-3-040/9 to carry out conclusive verification tests of the airframe designs according to CS and FAR.
  • Fatigue testing – proposing and carrying out fatigue testing of samples and sub assemblies (wing, airframe etc.).
  • Material testing – material testing of samples, testing of composite materials with environmental influence (heat, humidity).
  • Measuring mechanical quantities – measuring mechanical quantities using electricity for up to 172 channels and a sample frequency of up 250.000 samples per second with the possibility of synchronous recording with a high speed video camera.
  • Strain and stress analysis – strain or stress analysis of mechanical units or samples using the Pontos and Aramis contactless optical systems.
  • Test flights – test flights of aircraft using a system for wireless data transfer, crash tests; basic frequency analysis.

The Aircraft Testing group has taken part in the certification of aircraft manufactured in the Czech Republic as well as abroad and have extensive experience preparing the most complex experiments.

Industry focus

Aerospace Engineering

An ever globalizing planet continues to increase the demands placed upon the


Key facilities

Climate chamber

Climatic chamber used for testing of complete cars or only cabs of vehicles


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