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Aerospace group

Research in the field of aerospace at the Faculty of Mechanical Engineering dates from 1937 and has long been a traditional part of R & D at the faculty. The Institute of aerospace engineering offers a wide range of services in the field of aerodynamics, design, durability and reliability of complex aerospace systems.

Research is carried out in the following areas:


Within this group is a team focused on the conceptual designs of airplanes and their components, numerical flow simulations, flight mechanics, measurements in wind tunnels and flight measurements.

Research is also active in the field of advanced methods for manipulating air flow.


The activity of the group is engaged in strength analyzes of aircraft or their components, including aircraft certification as prescribed by EASA CS-22, CS-23 (static analysis, simulation of fatigue crack growth, environmental testing, dynamic analysis).

Activities also focus on the development of small airplanes made of metal and composite materials – from conceptual design through stress analysis and design technology to the building of a prototype.

The Group has vast experience from the development of a number of aircraft.

Aircraft systems and reliability

The group focuses on promoting the development of new aircraft systems and technologies aimed at increasing safety and reducing costs in aviation.

The team analyzes safety and reliability of aircraft systems as required by aviation regulations EASA CS (Europe) and FAA FAR (USA), respectively, and performs design and optimization of diagnostic systems for aviation use. The team also focussesv on performance tests of the equipment for aviation use.

Air traffic

The group addresses most aspects of the operations – from the safety analyzes of civil aviation, through processing and marketing analyzes to the monitoring of the national and international legislation (EASA and ICAO), including assistance in the implementation of new directives in companies engaged in air training and business aviation.

Research teams have long time experience in solving challenging research tasks both in grant projects and contractual research for industrial partners. Among these partners are, for example, AERO Vodochody, Honeywell and Evektor.

Contact person
doc. Ing. Jaroslav Juračka, Ph. D.

The research takes place at the Institute of aerospace engineering

Key facilities

Aircraft testing laboratory

The aircraft testing laboratory is involved in the following activities:

Conclusive verification


Industry focus

Aerospace Engineering

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Key facilities

Waste to energy group

The activities of the research team focuses on the issue of energy


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